Original techniques of Tachikawa

A Miraculous Story, Born at 1300°C.

This is the story of pottery jewels that bring peace to the hearts of men and women,crafted by unparalleled craftsmanship.
“Imari Yaki” (Imari Porcelain) is known as “white gold” and has a 400 year history,
having captured the hearts of European royals and aristocrats.
Delineating itself clearly from existing works of pottery and jewelry, it draws on its own original techniques that
were established over the course of several years, and is created in a kiln at 1300°C.
It was the first in the industry to win 1st prize domestically in the Men’s section of a global jewelry contest.
It has been on display in the Shanghai World Expo and in Japan Expos in France and America, among others,
and has begun to shine not just in Japan, but even overseas as well.

New Imari Ware has been born as “Imari jewelry” by fusing the tradition of Imari Ware, precious metals and pearl.
A handiwork must have life in it. Its life will be created by the craftsman’s technique.
The best day, handcraft, handwriting and several firing will make porcelain pieces.
The porcelain pieces combined with precious metals and pearl will produce a real jewelry.
“Technique as Power of Life. Art as Pleasure from the Heart.” The poet Goichi-Matsunaga left me this poem.
I’m trying to create pieces which will give you pleasure.

Cracking by burnt gold

By burning gold or porcelain in the kiln, fine cracks appear on the porcelain.
This technique needs years of experience and instinct because the shape of
the cracks is made by fine handcraft.

Overall finishing

Most porcelain like pots or saucers have some uncoated rough part on edges or bottoms.
Seifu’s pieces are fully coated with no rough spots on them.
It would be a mystery to anyone who knows how porcelain is made.
Seifu’s unique design comes from this special technique.

Very small ball

About 5 millimeters of balls.
The size of the hole is about 0.8 millimeters.


For over hundreds of years, Imari Ware has been called “porcelain diamond” or “ivory gold” and has enchanted people all over the world for over hundreds of years with its gloss and elegance. Inheriting the tradition, Imari Ware has been newborn as “Imari Ware Jewelry” by a perfect fusion of Imari Ware, pearl and precious metals.

Accessories for women.

Rakuten Market in Japan➡

Rakuten Global Market ended in June 2020.

Accessories for men.

Rakuten Market in Japan➡

Rakuten Global Market ended in June 2020.